Boarding Reservation Card

Please Note: Free shuttle services between our four sites are Monday through Friday only. If you are utilizing our free shuttles from Melrose, Malden, or Somerville, your dog and their belongings must be at the location no later than 9:00am. Your dog can be picked up from Somerville between 5-6:15pm, and from Melrose or Malden between 5-7pm on the date of your return. Weekend shuttle services are by appointment only, and a small fee will be assessed. Transportation fees apply to shuttle services to/from client homes.

All clients taking advantage of the shuttle must have returned a signed Transportation Waiver prior to their boarding start date. If your dog is being picked up or dropped off at home, you must provide two (2) copies of your house key, the combination to a key lockbox or door code, or someone must be home to dispatch or receive the dog through the entire service window.

All new clients must pass a half day evaluation prior to boarding or riding the shuttle; clients who attend daycare regularly do not have to pass an additional evaluation. If we have not seen your pet in more then 4 months (or 120 days), we may ask that your dog comes for an additional evaluation to ensure they are still comfortable with the pack.

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