Who Are We?

Here at RiverDog, we believe that the quality and care that we provide to our dogs is directly reflected by the quality and care that we provide to our employees.  With the mission to redefine industry standards and be the best place for our human and canine packs, RiverDog is where love leads.

Love is our guiding light; it has led you to your pup, has led you to seek out the best possible care for your furry family, and love is what always leads us back.  For all of us, dog’s provide us with a love that we can choose to emulate or ignore, and being able to care for someone’s source of joy is an awe-some responsibility.  Yes, it is a lot of fun to snuggle and play with pups all day and night, but there is more to it than that.  Dogs remind us to be compassionate and to take joy in the smallest of things, to communicate our displeasure in healthy ways and to shake off and walk away when we need to.  It comes down to this: cats show us how to best love ourselves, dogs show us how to love one another.

Come and see where love will lead you.

Meet Our Team

Greg fell in love with dogs while growing up with his family’s two golden retrievers, Casey and Samson, which inspired him to become the best place for dogs by being the best place for people.  The proud CEO of RiverDog, getting to spend every day with dogs is pretty much his dream job- and that’s what RiverDog does, turn dreams into reality.

[More photos and bios of our team members on the way!]

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